About Us

Andy, Izeyl and Megan Stock

Megan works as an art and computer science teacher at McPhee Elementary School. She worked multiple jobs throughout middle school, high school and college. Growing up in a working-class family, she understands first-hand the challenges many Lincoln families are facing. Both grandparents and her mother worked in the restaurant industry and she put herself through college by waiting tables (and, of course, with the help of those dreaded student loans!). 

She graduated from UNL with a B.S. in education and began teaching full time in 2012. On top of working full time, she has started a family while also earning a M.A. in Education Administration from U.N.K. 

Pitching in and doing what you can to help your community is a part of Megan's heritage. As a young woman she watched her grandmother break gender stereotypes by  becoming a small town city councilwoman and, eventually,  the first woman to serve as mayor. In  this race for city council, Megan looks forward to following in her grandmother's fearless footsteps. Megan brings to the table forward-thinking ideas, problem-solving skills, and a can-do attitude. And those are all necessary elements our community needs in order to create a stronger, fairer, and more vibrant Lincoln!